Which Luggage is the best for me? – A few tips on choosing the right Luggage

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Whether you have a holiday, vacation, a short break away or are looking to go back packing and traveling the planet you need to look at the requirements suited to you as an individual for what luggage set, suitcase or rucksack will suit not only your personal needs, also the circumstances of your travel requirements.


For example if you was looking to take a year out and decide to travel the world, a hard back 4 piece luggage set would be practical for you! Imagine dragging that lot around the Amazon River or bush walking in Australia. Just not practical! Neither would a business man who travels frequently like to roll up looking to close that super important million dollar deal with an outdoor combat back pack with your top of the range laptop and presentation inside.


OK that is a bit extreme but you need to look at what luggage will fulfill your needs and the circumstances of your own traveling lifestyle


We have put together some tips for you in choosing the right luggage that will suit bush walking needs and hopefully put you in the right direction to make bush walking trips more stress free!

Choosing the right type of luggage for you….

Luggage sets and Suitcases

If you are all ready to start thinking of your annual 14 night vacation to the Greek Islands or the Bahamas you need to take in considerations the following aspects


Weight – With most airlines especially charging you for luggage weight you need to look at the weight of your luggage. The more lightweight bush walking luggage, the more you can pack and not tip the scales at airport check in. Now days you can get super lightweight suitcases and carry on luggage but be mindful of the quality.

Durability and Quality – When selecting you Luggage you must make sure you choose a durable case with quality material that will last the pulling, dragging and the throwing of the suitcases on the conveyor by airport staff! I have had manier bag ripped and torn from airport staff treating my poor suitcase like a bag of sand! Make sure you feel the weigh of the bags, the quality and the durability of the handles. Value is obviously factor, always worth paying that little more for decent stitching and quality. A good luggage set can last you decades if chosen carefully.

Style – A little more on this later but choosing the right luggage is personal to you. Look at the style and colour of your luggage set and something that stands out from the crowd, there are some funky, colourful luggage set out there and to be fair your luggage is a reflection on you and your personality. A fashion statement as it was.

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I personally have traveled the world and backpacked for over 3 years in total in my time on this earth. My backpack was my home, my friend and my wardrobe as it was. A good back pack need to be very strong, EXTREMELY durable, waterproof, secure and of good quality if traveling for long periods at a time is what you are looking to do. Your life, your clothes, your money, your documents will be carried around with you and you need to make sure you choose a good rucksack with decent compartments and pockets. Even back in the 90s, my backpack cost me around £180 ($220 roughly), but that bad boy lasted me over 9 years of traveling!


Safety and security aspect of choosing your luggage…

As I have already mentioned, your luggage is your wardrobe, home and lifeline passport-luggagewhile you are on vacation or traveling. If you are traveling by plane, boat or train you are separated from your luggage, and also in hotels when you check in and out, and obviously when you are out and about enjoying the sunshine (or the snow!) on your travels. Most suitcases and rucksacks do not come with a security locks or combination locks but there are some very good ones on the market to improve the security of your bags by 80%. Again baggage handlers in certain places have access to your worldly goods – remember that!


Choosing the right carry on/hand luggage

Stats show that over 70% of airline customers travel with carry on or hand luggage only. This is mainly due to the cost of check-in and hold bags that the airlines charge now. Although the average traveler travel a lot lighter these days.


The average size and dimension airlines require for your carry on luggage to take on board is 22″ x 14″ x 9″.


Carry on style hand luggage is most commonly used for short breaks, nights away and for business travelers. Perfect to take up to between 10 – 12 kg on your flights with enough weight to see you over your 3-4 night break (my wife is an exception the hold bag is checked in – always!)


To the business man the small hand luggage bag is essential for trip abroad or from city to city. The style and durability of the case is extremely important, as it is part of your stature, style and respectability. The most common brand would be something like Samsonite, the rolls Royce of luggage in my eyes, smart, sharp and extremely good quality. Like anything, you get what you pay for and although they can be higher than the average suitcase, they are built to last.

Again choosing your hand luggage, the same strategies apply to when buying suitcases and back packs, durability, quality, security, style and weight.

Choosing the right price for the luggage that suits your style, and personality…

The style, colour and quality of your luggage reflect on you as a person. We at supercooltravelaccessories.com are suckers for the colourful, unique, fashionable and quality luggage. Your luggage is like a car. your want it to last the course of the time you use it, to look good and reflect on your style and image.

Manier times I have stood there, tired and impatient waiting for my delayed flight to come off the conveyor in arrival (normally always last!) for 14 odd other bags of the same colour, print style and make to line up alongside yours. Normally the black ones with no ribbon or band to differentiate it from the countless other coming along. It a free for all tug of war for whose bags who!


Choose a suitcase or bag that stand out, looks amazing and follow the other rules in terms of weight and size and quality. My latest suitcase has the full emblem of my favourite football team, bright red and stands out a fair mile! I pull my spinner case, head held high through customs proud as punch!


Also, one thing to consider when it comes your holiday/vacation luggage wheel type. I am a massive fan of the spinner wheel that you can easily pull along, upright at any angle, superb for heavy luggage without having to pull the weight along on the two wheel variety. Although hand luggage is more commonly 2 wheel pull along and this does to be fair help with storage of your bags in the overhead on airplanes, or in the car or train.


If it is quality you are looking for without over spending you can easily purchase a fabulous standard, durable, stylish, good brand luggage set for around £150-300 ($185-370). This depends on how much you travel and how long you want your luggage to last for. An extremely good standard luggage 3 piece set would cost you between £400-1000 ($500-1250), and would last you up to 30 years (I know someone who has had the same suitcase for 50 years!)


For a good quality rucksack you would be looking at between £150-500 ($185-600), but choosing the extreme quality that it would give you, your rucksack would last you years of backpacking.


In terms of what is acceptable to spend on decent smaller hold bag luggage depends on what you use it for. I have recently bought an amazing Samsonite hold bag for £120 for business meetings and travel on short journeys, smart, silver, light and quality. Your would really look to spend around £50-120 ($60-150) to land yourself a durable quality bag.


As I have stated before, don’t be afraid to be bold with the style and colour of your luggage. Look for a bargain in the sales at the end of a summer season, Amazon has some amazing quality luggage sets and hand luggage, along with affordable cases for all tastes. Make sure you are checking the dimensions, the weight, the brand and the quality. Check the reviews and make sure you have a guarantee of some form. Buying luggage is an investment. Investing in making sure your worldly goods are safe, secure and dry.

Please feel free to comment below or email us at info@supercooltravelaccessories.com if you have and questions on buying your perfect luggage.

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