Is This the Best Samsonite Suitcase to Buy This Year? – Samsonite S’Cure Dlx Spinner Review


I am always on the look out for value. And when it comes to luggage and suitcases I certainly have my ear to the ground and my eyes on the “who’s best”.

Today I want to give you an insight into what I consider, not only a extremely good suitcase, and an amazing brand, but a product that would give you total value for money.

I am a HUGE fan of Samsonite luggage, I have 2 Samsonite hold bags my self and they are of incredible quality. So, is this the best samsonite suitcase to buy this year? Judge for yourself.



Samsonite S’Cure Dlx 4 Wheel Spinner Suitcase

Make: Samsonite

Model: S’Cure DLX Spinner

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Colours Available: 7

Available Sizes: 

Small (55cm – 34 L)

Medium (69cm – 79 L)

Large (75cm – 112 L)

X Large (81cm – 138 L)

Guarantee: 5 years

Supercooltravelaccessories Rating: 10/10 


Slick, cool lightweight and tank like in terms of durability, this quality Samosonite suitecase is, in my opinion , the suitcase Samsonite have pulled out of the bag at a more than affordable pric. I mean flowlite? Great work Samsonite.


Not your usual plain looking Samonsite piece I must admit, but carries all the qualities you would expect from this giant in the luggage world. This case not only flows along with the 4 wheel spinner design, but one of their only product using a seal, not a zip.

Designed with a seal as oppose to a zip is the way forward for the manufacturing of luggage. The seal is made up of a three point locking system centred by the main side lock. The security of this lock system will not only give you complete peice of mind in terms lock safety, but also give your case complete protection from liquid and is 100% watertight.

The deluxe version of the polypropylene s’cure range, Samsonites lighest range due to the genius of their trade marked  Flowlite material.  An extremely strong durable material made with more thinner sheets to give the case immense durability and longevity.


If you are looking for a featherweight contender for take on board your flight then at just 2.9 kgs the 55 cm cabin size case will tick the boxes. Again, like its bigger brothers, completeley robust, perfectly sealed and secure,  and as with all this size range complete with 4 alluminium silent wheels to allow  a 360 degree gliding roll in multiple directs.  Perfect for breezing round the airport and sidewalks.

Each of these model sizes also come with a detachable laundry bag, along with  elastic cross ribbons securing the bottom compartments to give you more secured packing and seriously reduces the wrinkling of your clothes.

The top compartment also comes with a zipped divider pad, for more efficient packing of your belongings. I absolutely love the organistaion system that this luggage set provides, which I hasten to add are completey removable and machine washable.


Being Samsonite, they never flaw on quality, and they have not let us down again on the visual side of things.

The S’Cure comes in 7 classy metalic shades. A true trademark of this bog boy brand, leaving thier luggage products totally unique and stylish.

  • Black/Gold
  • Midnight Blue
  • Graphite
  • Metallic Green
  • Metallic Bronze
  • Dark Green/Gold
  •  Burgundy


I have to admit I have been itching to review the S’Cure range. A reviewers dream. As I added earlier I have purchased Samsonite products for years and they have never let me down, and are still to this day as good as new, apart from the odd scratch but OK self inflicted through self carelessness.

Never been a fan of telescopic handles I must admit. It is always the handle that tends to give way first on a pullalong bag due to the obvious reason that all your traction is levered into an alluminium handle pulling X amount of weight around for the duration you are travelling. This is why I adore the spinner suitcases as oppose to the 2 wheel pull alongs. The weightlessness that these cases give you though really does protect the traction n the handle. Great move and will retain the durability of your luggage no end.

So to end this review, as you can probably guess, I thoroughly reccomend The Samsonite S’Cure DLX range. An amazing range, with a classy look without the hole in your pocket.

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