Can I Make Money by Blogging Whilst Traveling? – Earn Your Way Around the World

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Let’s face it traveling the world and earning a living from your laptop is living the dream.


The laptop lifestyle that so many ‘gurus’ waffle on about on sponsored ads that pop up whilst browsing your Facebook wall, all seems so attractive, exciting and so bloody easy according to them. “Anyone can do it!” they cry.


“Learn how I made $250,000 a month with no website, and $10 Dollars in my pocket” They claim.


After which, you sign up and hand over your email address (as apparently you only have until midnight with this one-off super-duper offer only going to the first 20 people), spam the hell out of you and then asked to hand over $1,997 dollars (normally this is worth about $3,800 apparently) so they can give you an over the shoulder look at how they made $2m in a year to buy  their flashy Lambos and mansions.


Blah. Blah and Blah.


Making money online is not easy and takes time and energy, and a lot of it.


On the other hand, there are thousands of legitimate online marketers, web store owners and cyber entrepreneurs pulling in extremely good money a month.


One of the most common ways people do make money is through blogging. The word blog is short for weblog and inlaptop-lifestyle simple terms is a journal individuals write about their opinions, or a subject, hobby, career or about life in general on a website or even in video form on platforms such as YouTube. These blogs are then shared all across social media, and of course emails to interested followers of the writer, building a large following.


People love to learn, gain knowledge and read and digest about what interests them. Be it football, embroidery, gardening, how to paint your fence, you name it, there are billions of subjects that us humans want to know more about.


Blogging and Traveling for me, are the dream match.

So How can I make money by Blogging?

There are several ways you can make money with regular blogging and a good website. The most popular being….

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising
  • Photographs
  • monetizing videos


If you are looking to travel the world or even a small corner of it, you will have and super exciting ‘live’ story to tell. You will be doing activities some people will never see or do in their lives, and you will no doubt be experiencing some of the most beautiful sunsets, sights, cities, cultures, landscapes and history that would make a truly spectacular, exciting read to anyone. Perhaps it’s a video of you Bungee jumping off the Niagara falls (OK a bit over the top), scaling the Sydney Harbour bridge or just basically partying your arse off on a beach on a secluded island off the coast of Thailand. Everyday folk love to read about this. It’s what we long for and gets our attention on social media and in life itself.




Now, before I go on I want to make this clear. Making money in any form of life takes hard work and a whole bag full of imagination. You will not make thousands of dollars overnight. Your travel blog venture is your own little business. It will take time, designing the website, writing content, accumulating traffic, building a social media following and basically getting your blog and yourself out there.


On the other hand, it can be very rewarding and amazingly fun at the same time. Think about it, you would have memories of the best times of your life, in a journal with tons of photos and videos. That alone is priceless and why not earn money along the way!


I am a blogger and have had my own Shopify stores, I have a dropshipping site, and online marketing has always fascinated me. I have been dabbling in the eCommerce world now for about 15 years.


Don’t worry, I am now not going to start spurting on about how I am super-rich and that I started my super online guru life from my kitchen table whilst living on my friends couch, busking for a living with my harmonica to make ends meet, or another bull crap story that some will tell you on the internet. But I am comfortable financially and like anyone, I want the freedom to earn money working for myself, to be secure and leave a legacy when I am pushing up daisies!


Elbow grease, focus, and imagination are what earns you money in life. Saying that though, I honestly know bloggers who are earning over 6 figures a year, from a simple website and dedication. It can be done.





Making money with your photographs


Who doesn’t take photos on holiday? With smartphones giving you instant access to whipping on the camera mode then capturing that obscure lizard, stunning sunrise or an Elephant walking into a bar while you are supping a cold bottle of Singha in Chang Mai, we are all photographers in the modern era. If you have an amazing top of the range camera,  or at least one of a decent standard, even better.

There are countless microstock sites out there such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and Alamy that you can load your photographs onto and will receive a ‘royalty’ every time one of your photos are purchased. Easy money.

Even the wealthiest of ‘photographers’ out there are not the most talented. They just know how to market themselves. Take Instagram for example. A social platform that focuses on visual media. Companies pay big money to ‘influencers’ with a huge following to get their brand out there.

Affiliate Marketing on your Blog


Affiliate marketing for me, on your blog or website, is where the real money can be made.


What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a process where you would place photos, reviews, or text on to your website, with your own affiliate link attached to it, taking the reader, or potential buyer to the website of the company, or brand that is selling the product on your website. You would then get a percentage of the sale if purchased, and earn a commission.

You would join an affiliate program, and then after approval, they give you a unique link which you would embed into the product or banner on your site. This link then is assigned to you so the publisher or company you are buying from, know that you sent the customer to their website, and they reward you for doing this with a percentage of the sale.

Joining an affiliate program is normally free, as they want affiliates to take people to their partners or companies products. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of starting a business, as all you will need to get up and running is a website, a blog and a following. Traffic to your website is the hardest part of affiliate marketing, setting the link-up and placing them on your website is the easy part.


Amazon is probably the most successful affiliate platform on earth. Affiliates make millions a year sending potential buyers to Amazon. Their affiliate program is called Amazon Associates and again is free to join is you have an Amazon account.

The affiliate program or vendors pay anything from 1% up to 75% commission depending on the product. The most popular affiliate programs are:

  • CJ – Commission Junction
  • Clickbank
  • AWIN – Affiliate Window
  • Amazon
  • EBay
  • ShareaSale


Most big brands or companies though do have their own in house affiliate programs that you can apply to join, including flight and travel companies that would be ideal for travel bloggers. There are thousands of products in the travel niche to review and recommend, and earn your commission.


The thing I love most about affiliate marketing in the world of making money online is that you do not have to deal with the products you are selling. You will never have to handle the stock itself, you will never deal with the customers directly and you will not have the stress that comes with running a successful virtual shop or managing of a physical business. You won’t need staff and you won’t need an inventory. All you do is lead the customer to the product and the vendor will do the rest.



How Do I Get Started with Affiliate Marketing on my Blog?


Starting out as an affiliate is actually really quick and easy to set up. You do not need a lot of money to get up and running, and it is very cheap if you fail. For example, if you start a brick and mortar company, and you hit hard times and it doesn’t work out,  it will probably leave you in debt of thousands of dollars. Starting up really is going to cost you your domain name, which will set you back around $15, and obviously access to the internet and a laptop. Hosting would probably range from $10-60 dollars a month.



Your domain is your website address. You URL name, for example, Facebook URL is www.Facebook.com.


As I stated earlier I have dabbled in affiliate marketing for years. I naively purchased courses and promises from ‘experts’ over that time, and have to admit I threw away a pretty scary amount of money. Over $6000 to be exact.


There is only ONE affiliate platform I now trust me forward in my quest for online success, and am still very much a member, and that is Wealthy Affiliate.


I joined up to Wealthy Affiliate as after reading the reviews, I had a good feel immediately about the legitimacy of the program, and felt it could be what I was looking for in teaching me the right way to enter the world of affiliate marketing.


The help I have received not only from the 2 founders Kyle and Carson, but from the community themselves, is second to none.


I learned so much right off the bat,  from the free domains and the boot camp training videos on offer in the first week, I took the plunge and signed up for the premium membership within a week. I never looked back.



With round the clock community help, and the amazing training videos available in the premier service, along with video training simplifying on how to get ahead in affiliate marketing. There is a ranking system within Wealthy affiliates, and also offer their own affiliate program.


If you are looking to start blogging on your travels and are serious about looking at blogging as a business and a way to becoming wealthy in the long road, then take a look at the free sign up on offer. You have nothing to lose.


To sign up for the first month on the premier member it will cost you $19 dollars, and then $49 dollars a month thereafter, although there is a discounted yearly package on offer, saving you a good few dollars.


With Wealthy Affiliate you would receive the following benefits. Everything you need to set up your blogging website, in incredibly easy steps.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate will give you everything you need from hosting, to easily building a professional-looking website, adding adverts, and indexing your website and blog posts to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You will learn to drive traffic to your Blogs, through SEO (search engine optimization) free traffic, paid traffic and building and incredible social network following.


please feel free to drop me an email if you have have an further questions of this subject and please drop a comment below 🙂 dave@supercooltravelaccessories.com







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