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About Me

My name is Dave, founder of supercooltravelaccessories.com. Firstly a huge thank you for popping by to take a look at our website.

Let me tell you a little about myself I am a London lad that upped sticks and moved to the North East of England a few years ago. Career wise I have been in the travel industry for 22 years and traveling is my passion. My dad always said to me when I was young (many moons ago!) when I used to just pick up my rucksack and off I would go, that I was full of wanderlust.

The world is a huge place and I always wanted to know more about it. Apart from living all over the UK I have spent many years abroad, Europe, 2 years in Australia, Asia in total for bout a year, the states and many more places. Travel has always been a massive part of my life.

Although I am now happily settled down in the North East, with my gorgeous wife who I married in Greece 2 years ago in Kefalonia in Greece, with my 2 Patterdale Terriers and my 15 year old boy, I still spend a lot of my time traveling when I can and who knows what the future brings…retirement abroad?


Why did I start supercooltravelaccessories…?

Manier time I have sat there patiently in baggage arrivals waiting for my plain black bag or rucksack to come of the conveyor (normally last bag out!), for then to see about another 14 bags of the same colour and size of mine! Grab and return! Then I see these snazzy, character themed, loud suitcases coming through of which the owner can spot from the other side of the airport Ii thought to myself I need to get a suitcase that, not only stands out in a crowd, but a suitcase that gives me an individual look.

I can also be seen in manier departure lounge looking for the coolest new travel plug, pair of flip-flops or a comfy neck pillow that lets me get a good couple of hours sleep without a crooked neck! I am always forgetting my laptop leads, earphones and luggage labels that’s sets me apart from those black suitcases!

So I took a look online and realised most suppliers of travel accessories and gadgets are pretty plain, boring and pretty expensive. I want to know what the latest travel accessories are without sifting though the blues greens and black cases, the best travel book to read on my flight and the items that were going to enhance my trip. I wanted an online store that had all the latest gadgets items and colourful suitcase under one roof. But was struggling to find one.

This is why I though to my self, I want to come up with a website that can offer the customer a choice of super cool items, the latest trends, and good quality accessories at affordable prices and to make their holiday or vacation a little easier!

How we can help you…

As I mentioned before there are not many websites out there that will give you the latest travel accessories, be it that new suitcase, passport cover or in flight accessories. We search and offer all the latest accessories for you, something a little different we feel, and take the time to keep you up to date with our trending and latest items on offer, where you can review and purchase in one place.

We constantly update our site to offer you the best value, the best quality and latest accessories, tips on and much more, and offer you the very best in customer service.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. And if you need anything that is not on this site and or just a question you can also email me at dave@supercooltravelaccessories.com 🙂

All the best,



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